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Bob Kelly

Thoughtful and articulate, a fluent Irish speaker and a qualified jeweller, he is a real gem. In his mid twenties, he abandoned his job in the family business to become a Project Manager with Dublin's Windmill Lane. Two years later, he relocated to Utrecht. So he belongs to a generation who grew up with itchy feet and he's seen enough of the world to realise that Ireland isn't necessarily the best little country in the world.

At the beginning of each programme he wanders the streets of Ireland trying to meet and get to know recently arrived immigrants. He simply asks: "Why on earth did you come to Ireland? And what on earth have you left behind?" And then equipped only with a video camera and a new address book, he hits the road to find out some answers for himself.

Bob Kelly said of his adventures:
"Many of the programmes tell heartbreaking tales of separation and inevitably people wondered why we didn't bring people home to be re-united with their family. Our view was that we were there to observe the situation, not to solve it. And I wanted to walk a mile in their shoes, to experience the same feelings of dislocation in a strange land that all immigrants feel the first week they arrive in Ireland. I did feel an acute sense of being an outsider, but I managed to squeeze in lots of fun along the way and that should be reflected on screen".

Bob Kelly
Bob Kelly