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Juliette Bautisa

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Juliette Bautisa is a nurse and hails from Manila in the Philippines. Her husband Philip is a hospital porter and is from Makati the commerce capital of the Philippines. Like many Filipinos living in Ireland, Juliette and Philip decided to move to Dublin for the higher wages and to build a better standard of living for their family.

The Bautisas have two children at home in Manila that are cared for by Juliette's mother and sister. Patrick the eldest is two and John is one year old, Juliette and Philip plan to bring them over to Ireland when they are of school going age but for the moment they make do with daily contact by phone and visiting them when they can.

Juliette misses home a lot. Her family have a summer house on the island of Romblon, which is famous for its marble industry and the beautiful white beaches. The island is a 16 hour boat journey from Manila and Juliette used to spend a lot of time there.

They would like to move back to the Philippines some day. However Ireland is home for the foreseeable future.

Philippines - Beginner's Guide
87, 857,473

Filipino and English

The Philippines make up anarchipelago of 7,107 islands that are located off the southeast coast of Asia between Taiwan and Borneo in the Pacific Ocean and South China Sea. Manila is located on Luzon, which is one of the largest islands in the group.

It has a hot and humid tropical climate.

84% Catholic the rest are Muslim, Christian, Buddhist.

Its economy depends on agriculture, light industry, service industries and tourism. The Philippines biggest agricultural exports are bananas, rice, corn and sugar cane and the main industries are textiles and electronics. However there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor with a large percentage of the population living below the poverty line.

Silly fact:
The yo-yo originated in the Philippines where it was used as weapon in hunting.

Famous Filipino:
Imelda Marcos (Former First Lady of the Philippines)

Juliette Bautisa
Juliette Bautisa
Bob tries out the Big Baghdaddy
Bob tries out the Big Baghdaddy
Local school children
Local school children
Juliette and Philip
Juliette and Philip