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Dr Javid Butt

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In this week's programme Bob Kelly travels to Pakistan to meet the family of Dr Javid Butt, a physcian and surgeon in St James Hospital. Bob first meets Javid in Dublin and then hooks up with him again in Galway. Javid spent a number of years working in the City of the Tribes and has a real affinity with the West of Ireland.

Bob then travels back to Islamabad in Pakistan where he is greeted warmly by the local people. Finally, Bob travels up to Muzzaferabad a city beginning to recover from the devastation of the recent earthquake. Bob meets families who literally lost everything, because of this disaster. Javid's own family were impacted by the earthquake and Javid himself has been very involved in alleviating some of the hardships of his own family and his own people.

Factfile on Pakistan


803,940 sq km


162.4 million


Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtun, Urdu, Balochi, English and many other local languages


Pakistan is about three-and-a-half times the size of the UK. It shares borders with four countries: India to the east, China to the north east, Iran to the south west and Afghanistan along the western and northern boundaries.


Islam (97%), Hinduism, Christianity and others (3%)

Capital city:

Islamabad Population - 955,629


Pakistan's climate is mostly hot, dry desert; temperate in the northwest and arctic in the north.

Recent History:

Pakistan is a rapidly developing country which has faced a number of challenges on both political and economic fronts. Despite being a very poor country in 1947, Pakistan's economic growth rate was better than the global average during the subsequent four decades, but imprudent policies led to a slowdown in the late 1990s.

Facts on Pakistan

Did you know that the name Pakistan was first devised by Indian Students studying at Cambridge in 1932? P stood for Punjab, A for the Afghan areas of the NorthWest Frontier, K for Kashmir and S for Sind. It was also convenient that PAK is a religious term with the meaning of "Pure."

Famous Pakistanis:

Imran Khan; Cricketer and politician and ex husband of Jemima Khan

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; musician

Bob Kelly in Pakistan
Bob Kelly in Pakistan
Bob Kelly in Pakistan
Bob Kelly
Bob Kelly in Pakistan
Bob Kelly