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Said Elbouzarai

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Said Elbouzarai is from El-Hajeb in northern Morocco. He came to Ireland to work as a volunteer at Camphill in Thomastown, Kilkenny and from there moved to Dublin, where he now lives. Said considers himself to be more of a "Culchie" than a "Dub", and his Kilkenny accent confirms this! He's currently working as a care worker with the St John of Gods and has completed a Masters in Rehabilitation Science.

Whilst living in El Hajeb after university, Said set up a charity for deprived children in his community. This charity still exists and he has remained in contact with them. Said goes back to Morocco regularly to see his family, his father died in 1997 but his mother, brother and two sisters live in his home city.

Said's Islamic faith is hugely important to him and whilst he loves living in Ireland he feels torn between cultures.

However, Said is a strong advocate of integration and would like to encourage Moroccans living in Ireland to integrate more.

Morocco - Beginners Guide

Arabic & Tamazight (Official) Others Spanish, French & English

It is located In North West Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea, between Algeria and Western Sahara. The Northern coast and its interior are mountainous, but there are also large areas of plateaus, valleys and rich coastal plains.

Morocco has a Mediterranean climate which is more extreme in the interior of the country.

Moroccos's phosphate reserves are the largest in the world and account for a quarter of all its exports. It also has large quantities of copper, lead and iron at its disposal. The agricultural sector is quite buoyant and large amounts of fruit and vegetables are exported annually. Tourism has developed significantly over the last decades and is a large source of revenue. However there are too few jobs available in urban areas for the high number of skilled workers and graduates and there is still a huge gap between the rich and poor.

98% Muslim, 1%Christian, 1% Jewish

Silly Fact:
There are twelve times as many cows as human beings in Morocco.

Famous Moroccan:
Jean Reno (Actor - "The Big Blue")

Said Elbouzarai
Said Elbouzarai
Aerial view
Aerial view
Bob with Said's Family
Bob with Said's Family