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Byna Tserendarga

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Byna Tserendarga, a former policeman from Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, came to Ireland to earn more money and learn English. He now works in Dublin as a bouncer and a maintenance man. His seven year old son has remained in Mongolia and Byna sends money home to contribute to his care.

A gregarious character, Byna is from a family of six, and like his brothers he's a big fan of wrestling, which is a hugely popular sport in his native Mongolia. Every Mongolian man must be able to wrestle, according to Byna, and it forms a fundamental part of the Naadam Festival where men also compete in the areas of horsemanship and archery. His father, who died last year from cancer, was the head coach of the Olympic Freestyle Wrestling team.

Irish people often presume Byna is Chinese, which annoys him and he compares it to mixing up the English and the Irish. Nonetheless Byna likes his life in Ireland and can even do a good impression of "Give Up Yer Auld Sins". He intends to stay here for a few years and then return home to Mongolia.

Mongolia - The Beginners Guide
2.45 Million


It is a vast landlocked country bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south, and is approximately three times the size of France. Much of Mongolia is grassland with mountains in the North and West. The south of the country is dominated by the Gobi desert.

Mongolia has a harsh continental climate with extremes of temperature. Winter lasts from November to March and temperatures can plunge to -30 Celsius. Some lakes can even remain frozen until June. Summers are hot and can reach 40 Celsius. Late July and August is the rainy season. Mongolia is known as the "land of the blue sky" due to an impressive sunlight average of 260 days per year.

Mongolia has made the transition to capitalism following decades of state run enterprise. The economy now depends mainly on agriculture and mining as well as the export of cashmere and leather goods. Its nomadic tradition is under threat from burgeoning capitalism.

80% Buddhist

Silly Fact
Horses out number people 13:1

Famous Mongolian:
Chinggis Khaan (commonly & incorrectly spelt - Ghengis Khaan!)

Byna Tserendarga
Byna Tserendarga
Bob goes horse-riding
Bob goes horse-riding
Byna's Family
Byna's Family