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French Martinique

Nadia Marie Joseph

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Nadia Marie Joseph came to Ireland because her sister was working here. Her ambition to forge a career meant she had to leave her home on the island of Martinique where there were few opportunities in this regard. Nadia lived in Paris before moving to Ireland and worked for a time with a French insurance company based in Dublin, but is now studying Psychology in the Dublin Business School.

Nadia is from a very large family and has five sisters, five brothers, and one half-brother. Having so many siblings meant there was always something to celebrate. An exuberant character, Nadia really misses the family get togethers and the local type of dancing called Zouk, as well as Martinique itself, so she tries to go back every year. The family home is located in the village Riviere Pilote, which is in the south of the island and famous for its rum.

According to Nadia it is the most beautiful part of the picturesque island.

Whilst Nadia is happy here, she has encountered some obstacles, namely making Irish friends and dealing with Irish men!

Martinique - Beginner's Guide

French and Creole

It is a Caribbean island situated between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, and is north of islands Trinidad and Tobago. The landscape is mountainous with an active volcano called Mount Pelee that erupted in 1902 and destroyed the town of Saint-Pierre killing its 30,000 inhabitants.

Martinique has a tropical climate that is moderated by trade winds. The island is vulnerable to natural disasters such as hurricanes and flooding.

85% Catholic, 10.5% Protestant, 0.5% Muslim, 0.5% Hindu, & 3.5% other.

Martinique is an overseas department of France and is reliant on aid from Paris. Large scale unemployment on the island has caused much migration to France. Its economy depends upon growing sugarcane and bananas, as well as some light industry. Much of the sugarcane is used in the production of rum. But tourism has now surpassed agriculture in importance for the economy.

Silly Fact:
Martinique is known as The Island of Flowers.

Famous Martiniquian:
Empress Josephine (Napoleon's first wife)

Nadia Marie Joseph
Nadia Marie Joseph