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Oliver Wang

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In a programme specially broadcast for Chinese New Year, Bob meets Oliver Wang.

Oliver, originally from Dŕlián in Liáoníng Province in the North East of China, is a broadcaster on Anna Livia FM.

As a young boy, Oliver had always been fascinated by the west, but fell in love with Ireland when he first heard one of Enya's haunting melodies.

Bob travels over to China to find out more about Oliver's homeland. He gets his first glimpse of China in the hutongs/backstreets of Beijing and then travels by hard sleeper to Dŕlián, "the Hong Kong of the North". While there Bob meets and brings a message to Oliver's aging parents and only sister.

Oliver had not being home for 6 years and his parents are visibly moved by Oliver's message. The programme is dedicated to Oliver's Dad who has died since the programme was made.


9,956,960 sq km (3.7m sq mi)


1.29 bn


Official language is Mandarin (Putonghua) with many local dialects.


China is twice the size of Western Europe and the third largest country in the world, after Russia and Canada. China is a highly diverse country and its terrain varies from plains, deltas and hills in the east to mountains, high plateaux and deserts in the west. To the south its climate is tropical, whilst to the north it is sub-arctic.

Religion (s):

China is officially atheistic, but there are five State-Registered Religions: Daoism, Buddhism, Islam, Catholic and Protestant Christianity.

Major political parties:

Chinese Communist Party

Capital city:



Han Chinese make up around 92 percent of the population. The remaining 8 percent is comprised of 55 minority ethnic groups.


There are three major hierarchies in China: the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the government and the military.

Facts on China
  • Red is considered to be a lucky colour in China
  • Each year is represented by an animal. 2007 is the Year of the Pig.
  • The Chinese year is based on cycles of the moon
Famous Chinese people:
  • Jackie Chan
  • Mao Tse-Tung
  • Confucius
  • Ang Lee (of Chinese origin)
Bob Kelly in China
Bob Kelly in China