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Sandra and Cleomar Gomes

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Sandra and Cleomar Gomes are from Anapolis, near Brasilia in the heart of Brazil but have settled in Gort Co Galway. Cleomar moved to Ireland in 2000 to work in a meat factory but has since found work in a pottery workshop and his family have now joined him in Ireland. His wife Sandra has two part time jobs, one as a glazer in the workshop and the other as a hairdresser.

Their two sons aged 14 and 8 have both settled in well at school. Sandra and Cleomar are happy with the standard of education here and the way the schools are mixed, with kids from different socio economic backgrounds being taught together. There is less of a social divide in schools here than in Brazil.

However Sandra misses her family in Brazil a great deal. Although her parents are dead, she is very close to her brothers, sister in law and her grandfather, who has been ill of late. She has been back to Brazil twice since moving to Ireland and would like to visit again this year. Sandra's sister in law sends family photos and Brazilian DVDs to keep her in touch with home.

They plan to stay in Ireland for the foreseeable future, despite the weather.

Brazil - Beginners Guide

Portuguese (official), Spanish, English, French

It is located along the eastern coast of South America and shares boundaries with every country on the continent except Chile and Ecuador, and also borders the Atlantic Ocean. Brazil is the biggest country in South America and the fifth largest nation in the world. The landscape is very diverse and includes the Amazon basin in the north, plateaus in the middle and mountains to the south.

It has a tropical climate but is temperate in the south.

Brazil has well developed manufacturing, mining, service and agricultural sectors. Its main commercial crops are coffee and cocoa. The economy is the strongest of South America but poverty remains a huge problem in Brazil. It is particularly visible in urban areas where ghettos called favelas have developed as a consequence of the uneven distribution of land and wealth.

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Brazil is the only country to have competed in all the World Cups so far.

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Sandra Gomes
Sandra Gomes
Sandra, Cleomar and son
Sandra, Cleomar and son
Flag of Brazil
Flag of Brazil