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If you have any questions about finding your dream job you can ask our expert Mike Fiszer who will be online to answer them from 1 to 2 pm on Friday 3 March.

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Shiva: I'm a marketing manager with 7 years experience. My phobia of presentations is limiting my career. Any suggestions?
Answer: Go to a presentation training course to learn about communicating. Find a voice coach. It needs practice.

Gerry: What, to your mind, makes a good CV? I'm changing careers, having returned to college and am anxious to sell the relevance of my previous experience, as well as that of what I've studied.
Answer: A good CV is a sales brochure, with a headline and 30 words about what the employer is buying.

Greg: Hi, I have lived and worked in China, Japan and South Korea. I have a good level of Chinese (spoken only) I would like to get involved with a semi state or tourism body dealing with north east asia.
Answer: Get in touch with the Irish Chinese association.

David Delaney: Hi Mike, I am a Business Graduate with German as 2nd language now studying Multimedia and Graphic Design so geographically where could I see myself maximising the above skills?
Answer: Anywhere in Germany or in a German company in Ireland. Approach through the German head office in Germany and ask about a job here.

Francis Fenner: Hi Mike, I studied politics but then went to work in IT. After 6 years working in IT consultancy I want to change and do something more related to my studies, any suggestions how I can achieve this? Thx
Answer: Is there anything you have learnt in IT that you can relate to politics?

Jennifer: What is the best way to go about finding your dream job if you don't know what it is? Would life coaching help?
Answer: Do as many jobs as you can, before you get trapped in one field. Career coaching would help more than life coaching.

mark: I'm a transistion year student interested in media. I know it's very competitive so how can I stand out from the crowd.
Answer: You have to have an angle that's different.

Kieran: How do I tell my boss that she is doing her - and my - job wrong?
Answer: This is a tricky one, do your job as best as you can. You can always find another place to work! You're not there to fix your boss.

Sandra: Hi Mike - what is the best way to go about improving your confidence both for career decisions and interviews?
Answer: Make a list of all the things you're good at and make a list of everything you're bad at and say 'who cares' and try to improve them. Also stop trying to be perfect.

Michael: What is the best way to become a journalist?
Answer: Huge amount of curiosity, there are stories everywhere, talk to everybody. Write stories and hand them to newspaper editors.

Triona: I am a transition year student - how do I get decent work experience in the fashion industry?
Answer: You need to know somebody in the fashion industry, or know someone who knows someone. Are you willing to do anything to get your foot in the door.

Frank: In an interview it is always recommended to me to ask at least 3 questions. What type of questions should be asked?
Answer: Who will you be working with? Ask to see the office? Company policy on personnel development? Not how much it is paying, how long is the lunch break?

Lorna Doyle: Hi, at interviews I get very nervous, speak too quickly and incoherently and get very muddled, have you any tips to combat this?
Answer: The biggest tip is to stop and repeat the question in your head. Ask yourself what skill they are looking for in the answer. Pick a point from your CV and include it in the answer. Don't improvise, have your answer prepared.

John: Hi Mike, Could you recommend any good career guidance people I could go to in the Dublin area? I'm totally lost as to what I want to do in the future.
Answer: Look in the Golden Pages for Career consultants. You'll pay money for it, but it should pay off in the end.

thomas: I'm 32 years of age have 8 years sales experience and an MBA under my belt but I'm lost career wise?? Please advise
Answer: Apply your MBA skills to do SWOT analysis on yourself. Work out what you're good at and what you want to do and where your skills are best suited.

Chambers: As someone working in the hum drum world world of finance I am seeking advice on how to work in the arts (theatre, film, literature) without losing too much cash in the process??
Answer: Can you find a way to combine your skills in both finance and the arts?

Barbara Mahon: I would like to be able to earn my living through writing. I would like to do travel and feature writing and maybe even a novel. Any ideas about how best to get my first piece into print?
Answer: Bombard everyone you can think of with a copy of your work, get some media exposure. Publish something yourself and put it out for free. Most importantly you need talent.

Margaret: I'm interested in the area of Graphic Design. I did 2yrs Office Information Systems in college and in that time, did Desktop Publishing as a subject. How would I go about looking for a job in this area?
Answer: Get your name into all of the Recruitment agencies. Get a portfolio together and train yourself in graphic design.

Orla: It is so difficult to move from back office in finance to front office client relationship. Any tips?
Answer: Show your enthusiasm for working with people, never lose your cool and alway be optimistic about solving problems. Tell you manager you want to move.

Hulah: Whats the best strategy for moving back to Dublin from abroad?
Answer: Get in touch with all the recruitment agencies in Ireland and get you CV out there. Stress the experiences you've gained while being out of the country.

Edward MacDonald: I am self-employed and have to pitch for all my work. Can you recommend any tips or books etc that might assist with improving how I present myself and can help to get the contracts?
Answer: You should check out books in the business section of book shops on how to sell yourself.

Catrina Burke: I am a 4th year student in UL, studying public Administration. I am not too sure what road to take when I leave college in the end of May. I do not want to further my education at the moment.
Answer: You need to sit down and work out what job you want, that suits your skills. There is a public appointments office on Abbey Street which is the best place to go for a job in the public sector.

Lorraine: I would love to be a drama teacher. Could you recommend where to get qualified both on a part time and full time basis?
Answer: You have to go and meet people in the field, and ask there advice.

brian bishop: Mr Fiszer, I am a US citizen trying to land the hospitality job of my dreams. Problem being several EU companies have basically come right out and said it is very difficult for them to employ an AMERICAN?
Answer: The best way to do this is to get a job in a US company, that has branches in the EU.

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