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Identifying your personal values is an important part of loving your job. Try to make sure that as many as possible of your top 5 are on offer. In this situation, the word "value" refers to how you feel about the work itself and the contribution it makes to what you feel is important. Most people who do work that is linked with their values feel satisfied and successful in their what they do.

The following is a list of personal values that many people have identified as being important to them in their careers. To begin exploring your own personal work values, rate each value listed with the following scale and add other values you think essential to your list.

Help Society

Do something which contributes to improving the world we live in

Help Others

Be directly included in helping other people, either individually or in small groups

Public Contact

Have a lot of day-to-day contact with the public

Work with Others

Work as a team member toward common goals

Work Alone

Do projects by myself, with limited contact with others


Engage in activities which pit my abilities against others

Make Decisions

Have the power to decide courses of action and policies

Work Under Pressure

Work in situations where time pressure is prevalent

Influence People

Be in a position to influence the attitudes or opinions of other people


Engage in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding

Work Mastery

Become an expert in whatever work I do

Artistic Creativity

Engage in creative artistic expression

 General Creativity

Have the opportunity to create new programs, materials, or organizational structures


Participate in studying or appreciating the beauty of things, ideas, etc.


Have a job in which I am directly responsible for the work of others

Change and Variety

Have work activities which frequently change

Precision Work

Work in situations where attention to detail and accuracy are very important


Have a work routine and job duties that are largely predictable


Be assured of keeping my job and receiving satisfactory compensation


Be publicly recognized for the high quality of my work

Fast Pace

Work in circumstances where work must be done rapidly


Experience a high degree of (or frequent) excitement in the course of my work


Have work duties which require frequent risk-taking

Financial Gain

Have a high likelihood of achieving very great monetary rewards for my work

Physical Challenge

Do activities that use my physical capabilities


Be able to determine the nature of my work without significant direction from others

Moral Fulfillment

Feel that my work contributes to a set of moral standards which I feel are very important


Live where I can participate in community affairs

Time Freedom

Be able to work according to my own schedule

Add others which are important to you.







OK, got them? Now don't forget that you have to assess the job on offer to make sure that they are in there. Otherwise, with less than 2 or 3, you will crawl under that duvet on even a wet June day.

Now let's go and look at your Emotional Intelligence.  

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