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If you have a heart for sport and a head for mathematics, then Sports Trader is the job for you.

Paddy Power, Ireland's top bookmakers waived the experience requirement and offered the chance to work in a highly pressurized and rewarding environment. Sports Traders set and adjust odds to protect the bookies stake and compete with punters to make money. The position demands a keen knowledge of sport, a mind for statistics and the ability to adapt quickly to the constantly changing possibilities of an event in progress.

Huge sums of money can be made or lost in seconds as the permutations change in the time it takes to score a goal or sink a putt. We see the candidates start at a the coal face - 'down the bookies', getting to grips with the basics, getting used to punters and learning a few tricks of the trade. They were then sent off to 'hedge' their bets for real. Each was given €500 and a mission to find the best odds with other bookies to see who can make the most money back for the firm. They have to impress boss Paddy Power himself at a night at the dogs, a day at Leopardstown races and with thousands of euros to bet over premiership soccer games.

Did they sink or swim? Who was knocked out and who was the last person standing? Tune in to find out who goes on to land the job of their dreams.

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