No Experience Required 2005








No Experience Required Ė Revisited

Last year in the first series of No Experience Required, we persuaded six of Irelandís top bosses to take a huge risk and open their doors to people with absolutely no experience. In this, the sixth episode of the second series, we catch up with last yearís winners to see how they got on when the cameras stopped rolling.

So who had their contracts extended beyond the initial six months and who was shown the door?

Following some stiff competition, five lucky candidates were each handed a six-month contract for the job of their dreams. However, the pressure cooker environment of Kevin Thorntonís kitchen didnít yield any winner.

So did the other five perform well enough to persuade the bosses to keep them on or did they fail to impress?

Last yearís jobs up for grabs were:

  • A Sportís Trader with Paddy Power
  • An Interior Designer with Douglas Wallace
  • A Newspaper Reporter with the Irish Daily Star
  • A Fashion Buyer with Arnotts
  • An Advertising Creative with AFA Oí Meara
  • A chance to join Kevin Thorntonís team at his Michelin - starred restaurant

Tune in to find out whether the five other candidatesí stint in their dream job turned out to be a total joy or indeed a total nightmare.