No Experience Required 2005








PR Consultant

Do you think that the world of PR is one big glamorous party? Well three candidates get a harsh reality check as they compete for a six-month contract in their dream PR job. They are put through their paces by one of the top PR people in the country, Caroline Kennedy who runs Kennedy PR, a highly respected company that has an A-list roster of clients, which include the likes of The Brown Thomas Group and The Monart Spa in Wexford.


 During their first week the candidates are thrown in at the deep end, as they head off on their first press trip to the Monart Spa.They are each assigned a journalist to look after and must come up with fresh ideas to generate post launch publicity for the spa.  Caroline judges them on their ability to communicate on a one to one level with their journalist and on how they liaise with the client. Caroline holds an informal meeting with the journalists to find out how the PR wannabes fared and this feedback helps her decide who is first for the chop and who goes through to the next round.

 The second week tests how the two finalists cope in the media circus and also sees how they fare on the ground at a high profile event. First stop, the candidates are on hand to help manage a photocall with Claudia Schiffer. They have to deal with a baying crowd of photographers, all desperate for their photo of the statuesque supermodel. The candidates must keep their cool on a tight schedule and ensure that everyone gets their shot of the supermodel. After the excitement of dealing with one of the world’s most well known faces, there is little time to celebrate, its they need to focus on the next event, which is the Ryder Cup Race Day.

When Race Day arrives, tension mounts as they liaise with journalists and photographers to orchestrate glamorous pictures for the press to make the event a success for Brown Thomas.

 Will it all be too much for the inexperienced candidates?  Will the pressure or indeed the glamour go to their heads?