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If you think you can grab someone's attention with words and keep it with a good story then being a reporter could be your ideal job.

The Irish Daily Star is the only truly Irish owned tabloid. Ger Colleran its editor, who usually tests new writers with freelance work before letting them onto the staff agreed to take on a reporter No Experience Required. Before starting, our candidates were confident that they had the nose for a story and the brains to make it work. But it's one thing talking the talk and it's quite another getting the story when the competition is out there and deadlines are looming. They soon found out that writing at home is quite a different thing than being in the newsroom with an editor breathing down your neck.

On the first day the wanabee reporters discovered the importance of people skills as they went out and interviewed people at random. Submitting their work gave them confidence but it was short lived when the Ger discovered that they had been lazy with fact checking. Given a celebrity task all three contenders had to use their persuasion skills to get interviews and some succeeded with Louis Walsh, Damien Dempsey and Westlife obliging much to their delight.

Keeping the stories coming each day and multi-tasking proved tough for all of the candidates and at times it seemed that no one would impress enough to make in the cut throat environment of the newsroom. Whose story will be on the front page and whose will go out with the paper recycling? Tune in to find out.

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