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Most of my work is to encourage people to "be all they can be"
Mike Fiszer

Don't ask me what you should do but what you could be?

Wouldn't it be great if everybody wanted to run into work on Monday mornings? It would not feel like work then, would it? To do this you need to find a job that you love; it is not too difficult to find "a job" but to find "The Job" now, that is a different challenge.

The first part of this challenge is to find out as much about you as possible.

What are your values? What would excite you enough to get you to go in on that wet February morning?

What are your emotional skills; your "emotional intelligence"? What will keep you on track and believing in yourself when the going gets tough? How will you manage your relationships with others? How quickly do you adapt to change? Can you manage your own stress and anger? What mood do you take into a room with you? Last, but not least, how will you deal with failure and success?

Mike's Advice
1. Interview Top Tips
2. Emotional Intelligence
3. Values
The hardest question now is; what would this let me do? How would I match up to the jobs on offer?

These are just a few of the questions that all the candidates on "No Experience Required" had to answer. Once they knew, could they be coached to apply this information to help them get through the interview and then change their behaviour once they had the opportunity to try out the job?

Well you'll have to watch to find out.

But if you want to make a start these web pages will give you an opportunity to look at some of your values, understand and start developing some of those emotional skills, review how you approach interviews against a check list and a quick guide to success at work and in the new job. There will also be a web chat on the Friday after the programme when you can ask me questions. Good luck!

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