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Do you have a passion for fashion and love shopping for clothes? Then Fashion Buyer is the job for you.

Ireland's largest department store, Arnott's, put three candidates to the test to see how had the potential to make it as a Fashion Buyer. Jobs in the field are at a premium, so with a six-month contract up for grabs, our candidates worked hard from the start in their bid to impress the bosses with their business and fashion sense.

Once through their first task was to get to know the market and they went out onto the street to question potential customers, next they were tested on their ability to judge next season's hot look with thousands of euros to spend on underwear.

This week of experience was then put to practice in Paris, at one of Europe's largest fashion fairs. Faced with thousands of suppliers the candidates walked the halls trying to negotiate exclusive deals with international brands. Exhausted and with blistered feet, the less glamorous side of buying tested the candidates to the limits as they presented their ideas to Mhairi Roche, Arnotts head buyer.

So who came up with the hot sellers? Whose clothes will be to die for and whose would you not be seen dead in? Tune in to find out.

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