No Experience Required 2005








Editorial Assistant

Do you dream of a glamorous career? Three candidates entered the world of glossy magazines and got the opportunity to taste some glamour firsthand.  They competed for a six-month work placement as an editorial assistant at Harmonia with Norah Casey at its helm. Harmonia publish some of Ireland’s most prolific titles such as Irish Tatler, U Magazine and Food and Wine Magazine. 

The candidates begin their first week learning that it is vital to target the correct readership. They must know their readers. After a masterclass in the role of an editorial assistant given by Norah, the candidates get their first task and it involves one of their favourite activities – shopping. However shopping for the U Magazine readers is an altogether different day out and the pressure starts to tell as they race around the Dundrum Town Centre. They are under a tight deadline to choose three winter fashion looks that will feature in the magazine and the separates they choose must appeal to the readers of U Magazine.

The following day the candidates style their shoot at a photographic studio and write the text to accompany it. Next up they don their glad rags and work on the Social Diary for Irish Tatler. The candidates go to the high profile Angel’s Quest Ball and direct a photographer to take photos of celebs and must record their names accurately. This quickly shows how much or how little they know about Dublin’s glitterati. Norah watches the candidates closely to ensure that they behave and interact appropriately at the event. 

Week two kicks off to an intensive start as the two remaining novices have to devise an idea for an 8 page booklet to be given away free with Irish Tatler. They are expected to produce and edit the booklet from start to finish.  This is by far the biggest test of their editorial potential and will form the backbone of Norah’s final decision on who gets the job.

Who gets the shot at a glossy future and who returns to their day job?