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For anyone who likes to cook, our Chef job was the ultimate dream. Our candidates had to opportunity to learn from Michelin Starred Chef, Kevin Thornton.

Busy kitchens have a reputation for pressure and the kitchen at Thornton's Restaurant was no exception. Our chefs had to survive in a kitchen full of chefs who professionalism gave Thorntons its status as one of Ireland's top restaurants. They had no time to waste.

Not trusted with cooking for real customers during their first week, Kevin showed the candidates how to find the best ingredients available, with a visit to an abattoir where one candidate almost faints, a fishmongers and to try their hand at hunting with a day in the country. The new chefs had to cook a meal for Kevin to see whether they could go on and there's no harsher critique than a chef himself.

Did they succeed, or did Kevin turn his nose up at their concoctions? Tune in to find out.

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