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RTÉ One, Monday, 8.30pm
Neven Maguire: Home Chef

Neven Maguire: Home Chef Christmas Special

Neven Maguire

For Neven Maguire's Home Chef Christmas special this year, Neven serves up some impressive but easy to create festive dishes. For a starter, or to serve at a party, Neven makes a platter with air dried beef, continental-style ham and rocket rolls, pickled beetroot and goats cheese, and spiced beef croquettes.

Last year, Neven's recipe for buttermilk marinated turkey led to buttermilk shortages! This year's method for cooking a turkey crown with spiced butter is bound to be just as popular.

Cider glazed ham is followed by chocolate truffles and a spectacular plum pudding parfait.

Home Chef Christmas Special is produced and directed by David Hare of InproductionTV for RTÉ and sponsored by Bord Bia.

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