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Neven Maguire: Home Chef

Series 3: Programme 2

Neven Maguire

Cadburys and Glenisk

Cadburys have been making chocolate in Ireland since 1933 and many of their products are made exclusively in Ireland for the Irish consumer. It is the only large scale chocolate maker to use fresh milk, hence the name of its most popular bar, Dairy Milk. All of the milk comes from Kerry and Cork where it goes to make chocolate 'crumb', the base ingredient for the bars. Neven is given a tour of the factory in Coolock to see how Dairy Milk is made. In this second episode Neven makes Chocolate Truffle Caramel Cake and Chocolate Biscuit Cake.

This week Neven also visits Glenisk which is Ireland's largest consumer of organic milk, used to make a wide variety of organic dairy products. A relative newcomer, this award-winning company has established itself as a respected brand in a very competitive field. Neven meets the owner and is given a tour of the factory. He also makes a delicious Butternut Squash and Pasta Bake, followed by Baked Pears with Walnuts and Double Cream.

Following the success of Neven Maguire's first two popular series' which featured small and medium sized producers, and the great success of Irish exports respectively, the top chef and restaurateur now turns his attention to some of Ireland's most popular and recognisable brands.

In this third series, sponsored by Bord Bia, Neven visits some of Ireland's best known brands and, in some cases, the farmers that supply the raw ingredients. Many of these brands are still owned by the original families, and some of the companies are the oldest privately owned companies in Ireland. As before, Neven will cook dishes that are adapted from dishes he serves in his restaurant. Some of these recipes will be shot on location using a mobile kitchen, in front of a small crowd, enabling Neven to interact with the audience and give them the opportunity to try out his delicious dishes. Other recipes will be filmed in his kitchen at home in Blacklion.

Introductions to most of the programmes will be filmed, as before, in Neven's hugely popular McNean's restaurant kitchen in Blacklion Co Cavan.

This new series will see Neven visiting the people and companies behind some of Ireland's most popular and best known food brands including Myrtle Allen, founder of Ballymaloe; Patrick Bewley, grandson of the man who founded Bewleys Cafe in 1937; the chief cheese taster at Kilmeaden's in Kilkenny; the chief blender of Barry's tea in Cork and Mr. Tayto, Ray Coyle at Tayto Park.

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