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Neven Maguire: Home Chef

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Neven Maguire: Home Chef

The first 7 programmes in this 13-part series will air from January 14th 2015 and the final six programmes will air in April.

Neven Maguire is back for his seventh consecutive series with Home Chef. As the title suggests, the emphasis is on quick, family-friendly dishes rather than the more complex, restaurant-style recipes of his previous series.

"Before we had children, Amelda and I would grab something to eat at the end of a busy night in the restaurant. Now, we try to eat as a family and that has changed the way I cook at home" says Neven.

The recipes in the new series can all be made in under half an hour, and in most cases less, and I understand that speed is important.

The new 13 part series opens at the Aviva Stadium, and other locations include the Irish Navy's newest ship, the GPO, Bunratty Castle and Google's European HQ in Dublin.

"As a chef, I'm really interested to see how chefs cope in different environments. I'm used to cooking in restaurants, but it's fascinating to see 80 chefs work at the Aviva, or chefs preparing food in a tiny kitchen for 300 guests at Bunratty Castle, where two banquets are served every night. All these chefs are producing high quality food for large numbers of people, and it's fascinating to see them at work."

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