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The Moment Of Truth

Programme 2: Alan Gavagan

The Moment Of Truth

23 November 10.40pm RTÉ One
Alan Gavagan was raised in a loving home by his mother Julie and her partner Anna, who were both traders on Dublin's Moore Street. But that didn't stop him drifting into heroin addiction and crime to pay for his habit. Drugs cost Alan his family, his girlfriend and his home, after his mother was finally forced to throw him out. Living on the street, though, Alan was befriended by an evangelical Christian. He threw Alan a lifeline, offering him a place in the Teen Spirit Christian rehab centre in Wales. While there, Alan had a profound religious experience, which not only helped him to put his own life back together, but to become a pastor, reaching out to other similar lost souls in prison. He also mended his fences with his family and married his teenage sweetheart, with whom he now has a family of his own.



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