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The Moment Of Truth

Programme 5: Edward Horgan

The Moment Of Truth

14 December 10.10pm RTÉ One
Edward Horgan was a career soldier, a Commandant in the Irish Army, who saw active peace-keeping duty in several war zones, including Cyprus and Sinai. What he witnessed disturbed him so much that, in retirement, he became a peace activist. During the second Iraq War, he risked his family home to bring a case against the Irish Government for, as he saw it, compromising Irish neutrality by allowing the passage of American troops through Ireland. In the process, he made himself a pariah among his former army comrades. Then, in 2004, the Kerry-born grandfather risked his life and liberty trying to arrest President George W Bush on Irish soil for conducting what Edward saw as an illegal war in Iraq. He was arrested, but never convicted and remains undeterred.



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