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Episode Guide

Episode (i) GALWAY
David decides to try and get fit. He buys new runners and starts a fitness regime. Getting fit is boring, but can the influence of his all-time sporting hero motivate David? (Answer: No).

Episode (ii) 27
David tries to get a song of his to number 27 in the Irish music charts. He records it using a synthesizer that used to belong to Enya and makes a video in the wind on the pier in a white suit. You'd think that would be enough, but it turns out there's other stuff you have to do to have a hit single.

Episode (iii) JOB
Needing to earn 270 euro in five days to pay his rent, David embarks on a quest to remain unhomeless. He tries everything, except for telemarketing, which he used to do and has vowed never to do again. Get this, one time when he was telemarketing, he had to ring a man called Dr Sex.

Episode (iv) TOUR
David sets off on his first ever tour around Ireland. Tour documentaries traditionally feature backstage orgies and booze-soaked after-parties. This one features highly competitive games of Guess Who? and a gig for 8 year olds in a community hall.

Episode (v) MOVIE
With a budget of less than 50 euro, David sets out to make his first film, a biopic of the early life of Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. Getting a location that looks like the Antarctic will be the hardest part. Actually no, finding a penguin that they can kill in the final scene will be.

Episode (vi) LIVE
David is ready to record his first live album. He wants to record it somewhere, but then something happens, so they have to record it somewhere else. I don't want to give away too much of the plot here. Ok, he ends up organising a live gig in his flat.


David O'Doherty
David O'Doherty