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The Meaning Of Life with Gay Byrne

Dolores Keane

Gay Byrne with

Dolores Keane

Dolores Keane first broadcast on RTE Radio One at the tender age of five. Reared with her grandparents and aunts who were renowned Sean Nós singers, her childhood was steeped in traditional music. Her success came early. Her first album There was a Maid won a Gold Disc and she was soon touring the UK and the US and many successful albums followed.

But her personal life was a challenge. During her first pregnancy, she was told that her baby had a rare disease and little chance of survival. Despairing, she almost took her own life. Her marriage to fellow musician, John Faulkner, failed when the long periods she spent touring caused them to grow a apart. She began to drink and her second relationship failed also.

She has spent the last few years fighting drink and cancer. She speaks movingly of the pain of addiction and the fear and loneliness it brought. She tried may programmes to change her life, all without success. In the last few years she has turned to Sr Consilio and committed to the programme at Cuan Mhuire which has reintroduced her to the faith of her childhood and she finds great comfort there. She believes she has finally turned a corner, has conquered her alcoholism and is now back on the road doing what she loves most, singing .



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