The Meaning Of Life with Gay Byrne

Programme 6

Gay Byrne with Brendan O'Carroll

Mary Byrne
Mary Byrne doesn't really do secrets. In a compelling interview with her hero, Gay Byrne, she tells him her way of handling what has been an eventful and colourful life, is to talk openly about everything.

With Gay, she discusses with astonishing openness the way her life's experiences have shaped her beliefs and values. and vice versa.

She reveals how her parents were, in very different ways, her role models: her father, because he was a hard-working "saint" and her mother, because Mary was determined to learn from all her many mistakes. Mary saw how her Mum wasted her singing talent and became determined not to do the same.

She tells how, growing up in Ballyfermot, she knew the area's two famous - later infamous - priests well, Fr Michael Cleary and Fr Tony Walsh.

Mary has a deep sense of purpose about her life. Her big break on The X Factor, came after she decided to hand her life over to Christ, so she's quite sure he had a reason for helping her to do as well as she did. Not that she ever prayed to win, just for God to walk out on stage with her, when she sang.



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