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Gay Byrne with Terry Wogan

Terry Wogan
Gay Byrne interviews fellow veteran broadcaster Terry Wogan about his thoughts on ageism, religion and a life which has had its highs and lows, its moments of tragedy, laughter and success.

Terry Wogan - or Sir Terry, as he points out he's perfectly entitled to call himself - kicks off the series on 26th September. He begins by revealing how, during his Limerick upbringing, the Jesuits and Redemptorists did their best to put the fear of God into him.

"You were always committing sin. You know, pick your nose, you're committing a sin. And going into confession, you used to make up sins so that you weren't wasting the priest's time. Ridiculous!"

Despite that background - or perhaps because of it - Terry is not a believer now, though he respects those who do have what he calls "the gift of faith," including his wife, Helen.

Wogan speaks movingly about the death of his first child, Vanessa, and acknowledges that, while his wife found consolation in her Catholic faith, he never could.

Gay and Terry discuss a lifetime career in broadcasting, what he feels was the secret of his success and how his thoughts on what matters in life have changed over time.



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