The Meaning Of Life with Gay Byrne

Programme 3

Gay Byrne with actress Brenda Fricker

Brenda Fricker
Brenda Fricker's prefaces her confidences several times with the words, "I've never told anyone this." as she discusses her some of the harrowing experiences of her childhood. For her, the faith that her own mother and the Sisters at Loreto, St Stephen's Green, tried to instil, has ebbed away, so that she now says she's not sure what she believes - "Depends on what day you ask me."

She hopes that her recently deceased sister has gone to a happier place, along with the two key men in her life - her father, Des Fricker, and her husband Barry Davis. But she doesn't know. And she says she'll have a few tough questions for God, if she ever makes it to the Pearly Gates herself. The Oscar award-winning actress talks about acting and fame and the depression that has crippled her for so much of her adult life. But she also reveals enormous heart, warmth and humour.