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The Meaning Of Life with Gay Byrne
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The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne

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video24 May 2009

Acclaimed Irish filmmaker and novelist Neil Jordan confesses to Gay Byrne that, although he does not identify himself as religious, he bellieves he has seen proof of the afterlife.

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video17 May 2009

Controversial singer Sinead O'Connor talks to Gay Byrne about her religious upbringing and how her views on faith evolved as she grew up.

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video10 May 2009

Boyband singer and charity campaigner Ronan Keating opens up to Gay Byrne about his opinions on spirituality and his forgiving attitude towards former manager Louis Walsh.

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video3 May 2009

Author Maeve Binchy offers Gay Byrne a candid insight into her views on spirituality and the big questions of life and death.

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video26 April 2009

In a remarkable interview, Gay Byrne talks to Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams about his personal faith and morality and how they have impacted on his role in the Republican movement.

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video19 April 2009

Hollywood idol, Colin Farrell, speaks candidly to Gay Byrne about the depths and causes of his addictions. How time in rehab forced him to rebuild his reputation from Hollywood bad boy to a man who believes in the power of good and decency. And how the 'light' in his life, his son James, has saved him.

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