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Belfast Mamó Máire Andrews visits four modern Irish households, with some straight talk, practical help and sound advice like only a granny can!

This brand new four-part family series sees Mamó show ordinary households how to make the best of what they have, focus on what's good about their lives, find joy in simple pleasures, enjoy each other and create all important change.

If you want to learn how to get the kids to bed or get along better, if you want to see the importance of carving out a life for yourself independent of them, if you want help living in a new household for the first time or see how to get the kids to do the dishes, then this series is for you.

Family homes are busy places to be in Ireland today. Straight talking Máire Andrews or 'Mamó' offers practical help on everyday issues to today's much pressurised families. There is something in it for everyone. Especially the upfront honesty that only a granny can get away with!

'Mamó' is a modern older lady with a rich and interesting store of life experience. Máire was born into a large family and she in turn created a large family. She enjoys lots of relationships with her husband, five children, grandchildren and extended family, friends and colleagues.

Belfast born and bred, married to Haydn, a Church of Ireland minister who has recently retired. Her life is a wide mix of cultures, people, and activities from the ministry to the theatre. She never has a dull moment. Máire wanted to do this series as, "It is a challenge, it's different, it's good fun. To me it's funny, because I am a Mamó but I don't see myself as a Mamó! In all families and in all relationships there is the potential for more magic and it has been an adventure to be part of that magic"


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