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Local Heroes - A Town Fights Back

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Local Heroes - A Town Fights Back

Drogheda, Co Louth has felt the full effects of the downturn, with 8,700 of the town's population unemployed. Now its citizens have decided they've had enough. Local Heroes - A Town Fights Back will follow the people of Drogheda as they work alongside Senator Feargal Quinn and an assembled team of experts to kick-start their local economy.

Watch the beginning of this inspiring story on RTÉ One Television at 8.30pm on Wednesday 9 November.

In Episode One, a Town Hall Meeting, attended by hundreds of Drogheda citizens, gives the campaign the kickstart it needs. This is followed by an Ideas Summit in the Boyne Valley Hotel; open to all comers, it yielded an amazing number of ideas for the regeneration of the town. Off the back of the summit, a number of task forces/ regeneration teams were formed. These teams are working hard to make some of the ideas (about tourism, culture, job activation, entrepreneurship, and so on) a reality.

The first episode's story continues as volunteers give their time and energy - and loan their property - to get the Drogheda Local Heroes Hub up and running, transforming an empty retail unit in the centre of town into a fully functioning HQ for the campaign. The Hub is a space for the people of Drogheda, a place of information for people with ideas, for businesses and start-ups, for jobseekers, volunteers and anyone who wants to get involved in the project. It's the nerve centre of the campaign and is manned by two full-time staff members and a rotating group of volunteers.

Over the next six weeks, follow the people of Drogheda as they take their future into their own hands - and join the Local Heroes Campaign.

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