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Local Heroes - A Town Fights Back

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Local Heroes - A Town Fights Back

Local Heroes - A Town Fights Back is a new six-part television series which follows the people of Drogheda as they come together to take their economic future into their own hands and start the fight-back for jobs alongside Senator Feargal Quinn and an assembled team of experts.

The series is part of RTÉ's Local Heroes campaign on television, radio, print and online that will highlight the actions we can all take to support Irish jobs and invite everyone to get involved and take part.

Senator Feargal Quinn has been asked to come on board to lead the campaign. He said, "We are all facing a major challenge but we know that people in Ireland understand that the way out of our economic situation is in our own hands. I was delighted to be invited by RTÉ to take part in a campaign in which RTÉ will use its resources to highlight the action we can all take to support Irish jobs, to bring people together to find solutions, to provide a central information source and to highlight examples of what is working around the country. Small changes at a local level can and will have an impact on the national economy so we want to let everyone know what they can do and to invite everyone to get involved".

While it seems that much of our economic situation is beyond our control, every individual, business and community in Ireland has the power to make a difference to the wider economy.

Running for six weeks from 7th November, RTÉ's Local Heroes campaign will invite people to take their economic future into their own hands and fight back for jobs by highlighting a range of specific actions that we can all take to stimulate jobs creation.

The campaign will urge everyone from individuals to businesses and communities to become a Local Hero by taking some of these actions so that we can create and sustain jobs in Ireland.

Individuals can become Local Heroes by pledging to shop local, buy Irish, holiday at home or become part of a Local Heroes group in their town. They can also pledge to use the Local Heroes Coupon, which offers rewards for purchasing goods and services that support local jobs.

Businesses can also become Local Heroes by signing up to the Local Heroes Coupon initiative, using Irish products where possible, supporting a Local Heroes Group or adopting a start-up business in the local area.

There will also be specific information and resources available for anyone who wishes to set up their own Local Heroes group in their town, as well as support and information for jobseekers.

RTÉ's Local Heroes Campaign will run across a number of programmes on RTÉ Television and Radio and there will be major Online and Print activity that will highlight and support the campaign.

Click here for more information on the Local Heroes campaign....

Made by Animo Television for RTÉ, the Local Heroes - A Town Fights Back starts on RTÉ One, Wednesday 9th November at 8:30pm.

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