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Livin' With LucyRTÉ Two, Wednesday, 10.40pm (Repeat)

About the Show

Lucy Kennedy has fled Ballydung manor. Appalled at the way in which the Ballydung boys treat their guests, Lucy has found a way of interviewing the elusive celebrity where they are most comfortable - their own homes.

In a six part series, Lucy will travel to her guests' houses and literally live in their spare room, eat their breakfast and follow them around during their daily routine - all with a camera crew in tow. Over the course of 48 hours, Lucy will leave no stone unturned as her quick wit, natural charm and complete lack of tact means her questions will go where Pat Kenny fears to tread.

Livin' with Lucy starts on RTÉ Two at 9.30pm on the 14th April. Well known faces who have opened their doors to Lucy include; Samantha Mumba, Brian McFadden, Jade Goody and Senator David Norris.


Lucy Kennedy