Living the Wild Life

Series 4: Woodlands - Return of the Woodpecker & Badger Watching

In this programme, Colin will be looking at two very different woodland animals.

Colin starts his journey in Wicklow where he meets Dick Coombes of Birdwatch Ireland. There has been a strange drumming sound resonating in the wooded hills of Wicklow. The Greater Spotted Woodpecker has been seen in increasing numbers here and have started to breed. Dick has spent the last two years with some dedicated friends mapping out where these gorgeous birds have been nesting. He is going to show Colin where the best nest site for filming is and is going to tell Colin some more about where he thinks these birds have come from. They haven't been seen in Ireland for a thousand years.

Colin then travels to Carlingford in Co. Louth with his youngest daughter Annabelle. They are going to spend an evening badger watching. Colin says: "There is nothing more rewarding than finding a nice badger sett, getting yourself in a comfortable position and waiting for the badgers to come out at dusk. Badgers are stunning animals."


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