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Series 4: Underwater Ireland - Conger Eels & Razorfish

We have some of the most beautiful coastal waters in the world and in this programme Colin is going diving with a renowned underwater photographer Nigel Motyer who has had photographs published in National Geographic magazine. The guys want to photograph a conger eel in Kilary Harbour in Co. Mayo. Kilary is Ireland's only fjord and this means that diving is possible all year round. But scuba diving is not the only way to access the underwater world. Snorkelling is a cheaper and more practical way. Victor Kutischev came to Ireland about ten years ago and he spends every spare moment he has exploring the shallow seas using mask and snorkel alone. He believes we have the best snorkelling in Europe.

"Victor has seen some remarkable things over the last few years. The triggerfish he filmed in Kerry, which we see in the show look absolutely extraordinary; it makes me want to throw on a mask and snorkel right now. Victor believes there's a huge opportunity to promote snorkelling in Ireland and has set up a website Underwater Ireland to do just that. You can find lots more of his videos there. It really is worth checking out."
- Colin Stafford-Johnson, Presenter

Colin ends the programme with an old friend Dave Tilley. Dave is on Sandymount Strand in Dublin Bay and he is going to show Colin how to gather a sustainable lunch from the clean waters of the bay. He has a unique way of catching his fish and a tasty recipe to cook them.

'I think the whole thing about harvesting seafood is to err on the side of caution and take a couple less than you think you might need so you make absolutely sure nothing goes to waste.'
- Colin Stafford-Johnson, Presenter


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