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StarfishThe Starfish is actually not a fish, but an Echinoderm, and is related more closely to the Sea Urchin. They have bony hardened skin, which acts as protection and often have a colourful striking appearance which acts as a deterrent. They are purely a marine animal and do not inhabit any freshwater locations. The Starfish has the unique trick of devouring prey on the exterior of its body. Its uses its sucker like feet to open clams or oysters and then allows its internal stomach to emerge and actually envelop the prey to digest it. When done its withdraws its stomach back into its body.

Other than their descriptive shape, the Starfish is also famous because of its ability to regenerate limbs and in some apparent cases, entire bodies. They contain most of their vital organs in the arm, and so a whole new body is possible from just a severed limb. There are some 2,000 species living in the Oceans and seas around the world.

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