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Slow Worm

Slow WormThe most common mistake made when it comes to identifying the Slow Worm, is that it is a Snake. Yet while the resemblance is striking, the Slow Worm is actually a lizard and distinguishes itself apart by having eyelids, a flat forked tongue and the ability to lose its tail when in danger from Predators. A native of Britain it has been found in of the Burren meaning it was introduced to the area at some point. It has a shiny appearance with the male having a grey brown colouring, while the female is brown with dark sides and a thin line down the back. They feed on prey that is easy to capture, with Slugs being a particular favourite. They usually reach a length of 30-35cm.

Slow worms tend to mate around April and May, but cannot conceive until June when the Female' eggs pass into their oviducts. An average of 6-12 young are born after a period of gestation lasting around 4 months.