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Sea Trout & Canals

This first programme in Living the Wildlife is very observational and quite different to what Colin has done before.

Sea Trout are a cousin of the salmon but much more secretive and Colin wants to film them spawning. It's November on the Lough Currane system near Waterville in Kerry - one of the best sea trout fisheries in Europe.

Spawning time is extremely difficult to film, so Colin enlists the help of local wildlife cameraman, James Pembroke who knows this system like the back of his hand, and together they explore the river system, attempting to film the sea trout with limited success. They need a little more help, so Colin meets up with local underwater cameraman Vinny Hyland, and with Colin directing, Vinny gets into his wetsuit to film them.

Following the successful filming of the spawning, Colin travels to the midlands in search of some more of our freshwater fish. Waterways Ireland are dredging the Barrow Line Canal in Kildare and as part of their work, the Central Fisheries Board have to take all the fish out of a section of canal and move it to another section. Colin sets up a tank to learn more about our freshwater fish including Pike, Roach, Rudd, Tench and Perch , and after Colin has finished filming them, he takes the fish back to the canal and releases them.

"Sea Trout spawning is supposed to be really difficult to film but I teamed up with some local cameramen in Kerry and they really helped us film this natural event last November in the middle of the worst flooding I've ever seen in Ireland!"

Colin Stafford Johnson

Meet the People: James Pembroke & Vinny Hyland

James Pembroke
James has helped out Living The Wildlife in Series One and Two as a cameraman and researcher. James' interest in filmmaking started in Chicago many years ago when he worked with Minolta as a camera technician. But his passion was wildlife and he acquired a degree in animal behaviour and from there began filming wildlife in his native Kerry. James has had a varied and successful career, he worked as an Emergency Medical Technician with the Ambulance Service based in Kerry General Hospital for 14 years. Then he returned to his passion and trained as a Fisheries Manager and joined the South Western Regional Fisheries Board in 1997. He finally decided to in 2004 to go back filming full time and is now 'Living the Wildlife!

Vinny Hyland
Vincent Hyland is a full time underwater cameraman. He has made a number of wildlife films that have featured in film festivals worldwide. He has had a lifelong interest in wildlife, in particular marine wildlife. Vinny is the founder and publisher of the successful magazine and website Wild Ireland. He is also an accomplished illustrator and painter of marine life as well as being a composer of music.

He is currently developing interactive web content and music resources for education and finishing a film on Co. Kerry's Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown trout populations.

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Waterville Fisheries Development Group



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