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Series 3, Episode 5: Crows in Westport & Bats

Colin lives near Westport in Co. Mayo and this spring he has been filming nesting jackdaws and rooks right in the middle of the busy town. He has enlisted the help of his neighbour who has a teleporter with a platform. Colin finds a nest in the chimney of the parochial house and films the parents feeding their chicks. Colin runs a live feed down to street level so the locals can see what he what he's up to.

Colin Stafford Johnson loves meeting people who have a similar passion for wildlife. Daniel Buckley is a PhD student with the Centre for Bat Research in UCD. Along with a team of postgraduate students from Queens University they have discovered some strange bat behaviour in caves around Ireland. Colin travels to meet the team, as they are about to explore Dunmore Cave in Kilkenny. This is the only cave in the area and the guys reckon this could be an important site. Bats that normally live in woodland and near rivers are flying to caves and engaging in social calling. Daniel believes this is part of a mating ritual and the team are setting up traps to find out what species of bat are visiting caves in autumn.

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