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Living the Wild Life

Wildlife Library

A Year with Irish Wildlife

Colin tells you, the viewer how you can get out and interact with wildlife over a calendar year.

Ants and Mini Beasts

Colin explores the fascinating biodiversity of Tipperary woods where ruthless empire-building and fierce colonial war is a feature of daily life.

Barn Owl

Colin meets up with Owl expert John Lusby to assess the current state of Barn Owls in Ireland.

Basking Shark

Colin goes in search of basking sharks in the stunning blue waters off the Inishowen peninsula of Donegal

Basking Shark

The Basking shark may seem an exotic and mysterious creature.

Dragonflies and Bees

Returning to one of his favourite childhood haunts in the heartland of county Wicklow...

Dragonflies and Bees 1

Returning to one of his favourite childhood haunts in the heartland of county Wicklow...


Colin joins a team who are undertaking one of the biggest badger research projects of its kind...

Blue Sharks

Colin takes to the high seas in search of Blue Sharks off the coast of Cork.

Eider Ducks & Lizards

Colin goes in search of an eiderduck and goes lizard spotting around Howth head.


Colin is in search of a creature that is seldom encountered: the gooseander - a rare fish-eating duck...

Grebes and Otters

Colin is on a mission to track down of one of Ireland's most magnificent birds - the Great Crested Grebe.


Colin returns to see the pine marten family all grown up and watches a nest of young kestrel chicks being fed.

Pine Martens

Colin tracks down a family of pine martens living in an attic in Connemara.

Underwater Ireland

Colin is going diving with a renowned underwater photographer Nigel Motyer.

Grey Partridge

In 2002 there were only 7 pairs of Grey Partridge left in Ireland.

Mulkear River

Sea Lampreys are on their way from the Atlantic to build nests for the breeding season.


In this programme, Colin will be looking at two very different woodland animals.


Colin is searching along the Dodder in Dublin for the elusive kingfisher.


The Corncrake was once a very common bird of rural areas.

Sea Lamprey

The Sea Lamprey is a primitive eel like fish.


The Great Skuas of Inishark Island


The fox (madra rua or sionnach) is one of our more elusive animals.


There are approximately 1,100 species of bat known to science.

The Grey Seal

The Grey Seal, Ireland's largest mammal.


The Irish autumn provides a perfect climate for all types of fungi.

Saltee Island's Seabirds

The Saltee Islands have a central place in Irish birdwatching.

The Red Deer

The Red Deer is our largest and only native species.

River Mussels

This species of mussel can live for over 100 years.

The Sea Eagle

White-tailed Eagles lived in Ireland for thousands of years.

The Twite

In Ireland, twite are thought to breed in only five counties.

The Moth

Mild nights provide ideal conditions for seeing moths.

The Otter

Otters are widespread in Ireland around the coast.

The Barn Owl

The Barn Owl are renowned for their keen eyesight.

Sea Trout

Sea Trout are a cousin of the salmon but are much more secretive.


Gardens can play a role in providing a place for butterflies to feed and breed if the right habitats and food are provided.

Frogs And Toads

Frogs calling and moving across roads and fields is one of the first signs of spring.

Bank Vole

Bank Voles are small mammals that have a distinctive flat looking face and nose.


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