Living the Wild Life

Series 4: Kingfisher in Dublin

Colin has been searching for the perfect kingfisher nest since the beginning of Living The Wildlife. And he has been unsuccessful to date. Colin is searching along the Dodder in Dublin for the elusive kingfisher. Colin starts to see the kingfisher and reckons he can find the nest. Hopefully the nest site will be suitable for filming. Colin then meets John Keyes an amateur photographer who has been photographing kingfishers for a number of years and may have the perfect filming location. John agrees to help Colin out. Colin scopes out the nest, sets up his gear and films some really lovely sequences of kingfishers feeding their young. Colin then gets dressed in his ghillie suit, finds a suitable stick to hold and sits really quietly and before long a kingfisher uses the stick Colin is holding as a perch to rest before going into the nest.


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