Living the Wild Life

Series 6: A Year with Irish Wildlife

In the final episode of this series Colin picks out a series of natural events that take place over a calendar year, events we should all witness at least once in our life. Many people believe that all the things they see on Living the Wildlife aren't accessible to everyone but it couldn't be further from the truth and this myth is comprehensively dispelled as Colin guides us through the Irish wildlife year, from simply identifying butterflies to feeding your garden birds in winter to jumping on a boat and going whale watching off the south coast.

The episode begins in April in Castlegregory in Co.Kerry, where every April the natterjack toads make their way to the breeding ponds and begin calling. The event only lasts a couple of nights but it's a real cacophony of sound and something you won't forget. The journey continues to Wicklow to listen to the dawn chorus, on to the high seas in search of basking sharks, lampreys in Co.Limerick, a visit to our seabird colonies in mid-summer and watching otters in Westport.

It's a real whistle stop tour of the country and some of it's most spectacular events, taking in the extensive Living the Wildlife library footage and showcasing it in an incredible half hour of television.

It's a wonderful end to the series and will hopefully inspire us all to get our boots on and get out there exploring the countryside and start living the wildlife.


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