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The Humpback Whale

Humpback WhaleMuch like the Finn Whale, the Humpback also belongs to the family of Rorquals. At a maximum length of 14.6 m, it is much shorter than the Finn Whale but still has weighs in at an impressive 22,680-36,287 kg. Its head could be described as rounded and almost broad when viewed from above, but then slim from a side profile. The main body is not as streamlined as the Finn, but rather quite stocky, but then narrowing towards the tail. The main diet of the Humpback consists of Krill and various other small fishes. When its dinner time, the Humpback whale can take in large volumes of water and fish, and then expel the water through expanding grooves in its throat, just like a filter.

The team got to witness some incredible Humpback behavior when they were on the sea and one such action is 'tail lobbing'. This involves the whale raising its tail and often its fins and slapping them against the surface. It's a real great insight into what is probably a form of communication for the Humpback. Speaking of communication, the team were also lucky enough to hear the spine tingling sound of Humpbacks singing. It's usually the male that sings, and it has been interpreted by many experts to be a mating call.

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