Living the Wild Life

Series 3, Episode 4: Garden Birds

Colin Stafford Johnson started bird watching as a six year old with his brothers. His prized childhood possession is an old guide to bird watching. Colin explains what you need to start a hobby like this. So if you have ever wanted to know more about the birds in your garden and what you should be feeding them then you should watch this programme. Colin visits one of the best places west of the Shannon for garden birds. Wendy Stringer spends hundreds of Euros every year feeding hundreds of birds in her garden. Wendy shows Colin's daughters Annabel and Sylvie how to make lard cakes that birds love to eat. Colin shows Annabel and Sylvie some of the things that he used to do as a kid. He used to dress up in camouflage and try and get garden birds to land on his head. Sylvie and Annabel give it a go and show how easy it is to do if you are patient.

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