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Frogs, Newts & Toads

Ireland is home to three species of amphibians. Everybody knows about frogs and newts but the Natterjack Toad is the focus of a pond-digging project in Castlegregory in Kerry. Every April hundreds of Natterjack Toads congregate on the sand dunes to mate. The male makes a unique call to attract the female. The result is an amazing cacophony of sound as hundreds of males compete for mates. Colin has borrowed some equipment and some assistants from the film school in Tralee and is going to film this behaviour.

Dr. Ferdia Marnell is the leading expert on amphibians in Ireland. He loves newts and takes Colin to his neighbour's garden in Dublin to find some.

Frogs calling and moving across roads and fields is one of the first signs of spring. As soon as winter releases its grip the males start calling the females and mass spawning begins. Colin wants to find one of the best ponds in Mayo to show us what happens.

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