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The Fin Whale

Fin WhaleThe Fin Whale belongs to a group of known as the Rorquals. Members of this family are distinctive by the fact they all have dorsal fins and expanding throat grooves for feeding. One of the most amazing aspects about this certain whale is that it is literally the 2nd largest creature to have ever existed on this planet! No dinosaur even compared to it. 2nd only to the Blue whale, this Behemoth of the water, is also surprisingly swift for its size.

Known as the 'Greyhound of the Sea', its speed would often help it get away from whaling fisherman. The physical appearance of the Fin Whale sees it have a long, almost aerodynamic main body, with a V-shaped head which is flat on top. Adult whales can reach a length of 26m, with the female usually being the larger of the two sexes. Both weigh in between 45,360-63,500 kg. The diet of the Fin whales is based mainly on small shrimp-like creatures called krill or euphausiids and schooling fish. As we saw in the program they attack these schools of fish at high speed, and then engulf them with often with one enormous gulp. They can consume an incredible 2 tons of food a day!

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