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The Bottlenose Dolphin

The Bottlenose DolphinThe Bottlenose Dolphin has a sleek, streamlined body and is coloured grey on the back and white on its lower regions. Dolphins have an acute sense of hearing which is a great aid to them in the sea. Living in pods, they determine their social position by biting, chasing or smacking their tails. During mating they will even resort to head butting and tooth scratching. They are active predators and feed on a whole range of fishes, crustaceans and squids. Their diet will depend on their geographical location, which is usually in temperate or tropical waters.

Bottlenose Dolphins can produce high pitched clicks. When the clicks hit an object, the echo is sent back and helps them to estimate how far away a potential meal is. It will also give them information to how big the possible fish is.

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