Living the Wild Life

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RTÉ One, Friday 7.30pm

Emmy award winning cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson returns to RTÉ for another exciting season of Living the Wildlife. Spanning the length and breadth of the country, the intrepid Colin Stafford-Johnson once again takes us on a wonderful journey exploring the diversity of wildlife that inhabit our woodlands, lakes, rivers, caves and seas.

Along the way, Colin is inspired by a host of passionate people and together they reveal intimate moments in the lives of creatures, from foxes to sparrowhawks, whales to bats, brown trout to octopus.

Produced by Gillian Marsh of GMarsh TV, 'Living the Wildlife' takes viewers right into the natural heart of our island.

The first episode will go on air on Friday 23rd of September at 7.30pm and the remainder of the series will be broadcast weekly thereafter.

Episode 1: Sparrowhawk

In Co. Donegal, Sparrowhawk enthusiast Martin Moloney leads Colin to...
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Episode 2: Foxes

Foxes have learned to be wary of us. Filming them at their dens can be tricky...
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Episode 3: Lesser-Horseshoe Bats

Colin meets up with old friends Conor Kelliher...
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Episode 4: Whales & Deer

When humpback and fin whales visit our coasts...
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Episode 5: Geese

Lynda Huxley is on a mission to reverse the decline in our swift populations...
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