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Living Lightly

Programme 6

When we first met them, nearly three months ago, we promised our three families that living lightly would change the way they lived, the money they spent and the choices they made.  It’s been an eventful summer for all three families and while they may not have solved all of their financial woes they have been successful in cutting their spending and changing their habits.

It seems it is the simple steps that have made a difference; making lists, tracking their spending, shopping around and differentiating between wanting something and needing it.

In order to try and generate more income Laura in Stepaside has come up with an idea for a new business and Paul in Howth is expanding his massage business.

Living lightly - not rocket science, just common sense.

Pay less, live more.


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For information on Laura’s business idea:
Laura Murray McArdle 085 166 3248

For information on Dave McArdle’s Modern Home Solutions:

For information on Howth Massage
Paul McGregor    www.howthmassage.com

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