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Living Lightly

Programme 4

In Longford 11-year-old Imogen O'Connor is busy re-negotiating her pocket money with her parents Des and Mary. Will pester power work in her favour this time?

In Stepaside Dave and Laura have accepted that they'll be staying put for the foreseeable future and set about making the house work for them. The family decide to convert one of the children's bedrooms into a playroom and Ella shows them how to make the most of their deck area by cultivating a vegetable patch. Dave and Conor sample the home brew that's been fermenting for the past four weeks.

Meanwhile in Howth there are two new arrivals - a crafty fox has his eye on Larry and Lilly the resident chickens and the McGregor's new baby Larry also arrives on the scene.

Top Tips From Conor and Ella

Pocket Money Scheme:

  • Estimate how much you spend per child on treats, birthday gifts for friends, school tour money, comics, magazine, cinema, etc.
  • Reduce that figure by 1/3
  • Then give that amount to your preteen/teen to divide up into 4 envelopes:

(in this case 15 euro per week for Imogen)
Craic Money - 40%   €6 anything sweets, comics, cinema.
Short term Savings - 20% €3 for an upcoming birthday gift for friends, school tour spending money.
Rainy Day Money - 30%    €4.50 long-term savings, not to be touched.
Giving Money - 10% €1.50 for Charity of their choice

Salvage Yard Shopping
Ella and Laura visited ST Salvage Yard in Dolphins Barn, Dublin 8 www.stsalvage.ie

  • Some salvage yards you can browse their stuff online and compare prices
  • Know your measurements of where you want the piece to fit and bring a
    measuring tape
  • Be ready to buy there and then usually have only one of an item
  • Haggle
  • Some salvage yards buy as well as sell you may be able to exchange

Reduce Your Bin Charges

  • Be ruthless when shopping
  • Buy recyclable packaging
  • Buy unpackaged goods
  • Buy in bulk when possible (less packaging)
  • Compost
  • Reuse everything

‘Get Rid of your Bin and Save Money’ Fedhlim Harty Mercier Press 2009

Get rid of stuff you don’t need and find stuff you do:

Specifically for baby:
www.littlecomfort.com cloth nappies

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