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Living Lightly

Programme 3

In Howth, the McGregor children, Sean and Fionn introduce us to their new pets - Lilly and Larry the chickens - who have just laid their first eggs.

When Dave and Laura in Stepaside have their first review with Conor, there's some good news. A month of clever and relatively painless cutting back has saved them over a thousand euros!

Meanwhile in Longford, Des has taken over the weekly shop, with decidedly mixed results.

Top Tips From Conor and Ella

Cutting Back

  • Know where your money is going and cut down on unnecessary spending.
  • Shop around for the best value
  • Be aware of how much things cost
  • Cut down on spontaneous shopping trips – you almost always end up buying stuff you neither need nor really want.
  • Make lists when you visit the supermarket – and stick to them.
  • Plan your meals in advance so you don’t end up throwing food away.

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Skills Swopping & Bartering

  • Swop like for like
  • Be specific on what is and is not going to be included in swop
  • Do your research on the other party, ask for qualifications and references.
  • Be open to suggestions and counter offers - flexibility is the key.
  • Don't get hung up on the market rate for your skill, think of it in terms of how much you want what you are getting in return.




  • Instead of paying money to design & host a website, get a blog! It's free, easy and you can update it yourself.
  • All it takes is access to a computer and the web.
  • Free blogs are available on www.blogger.com andwww.wordpress.com
  • Sign up, secure a name that suits you (e.g. john.blogspot.com) and get blogging!
  • You can upload photographs, video and multimedia for free. 
  • For a professional look, secure a domain name such as www.john.com. Websites such as www.namesecure.com allow you to do this for as little as €7 a year.  
  • Then you can redirect your blog to www.john.com.  What you've now got is a free website with a professional looking web address. All for €7 per year!


Clothes Swopping

  • Celebrate the idea of ‘new to you’
  • If you haven’t worn it for a year swop it!
  • Organise a clothes swop with friends- declutter and revamp your wardrobe for free



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